Hearing Problems? Who Ya Gonna Call?

  • Fri 12th Oct 2018 - 10:35am
    Another big decision to Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol be made has to do with the style of the hearing aid you finally decide to use in terms of how it is worn. The standard "image" of a hearing aid is the behind the ear model, which seems old fashioned compared to the kind that go inside the ear. In fact, some modern models of hearing aids can be implanted entirely within the ear through minor surgery so they are completely invisible to the outside world. Each of these styles comes with advantages and disadvantages. The behind the ear style of hearing aid seems like it is the most conspicuous and clumsy approach and until you actually get to know the different advantages and disadvantages of each kind of hearing aid, you might think that wearing the unit behind your ear is not a great design. But there are some significant advantages to this approach to helping your hearing out that make the behind the ear approach a serious option for a lot of people.

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