FIFA: exotic utd in Allianz Challenge Super CUP

Wed 2nd Aug 2017 - 8:06pm SCENE FIFA EXOTIC

After obtaining an excellent fifth place in Allianz Challenge, hosted by the Portuguese Football Federation, with 10 000 euros prize money - the biggest prize pool ever in Portugal for FIFA, 

The action takes place in the Aveiro Stadium, Friday the 4th of August the top Allianz Challenge players fight for the CUP, exotic utd1990 will be fighting for the CUP on behalf of our club.

Saturday S.L. Benfica and Vitória Sport Club play the Portuguese Football Super CUP Cândido de Oliveira, you will be able to speak with our players in the stadium as they were also invited to spectate the match.

This is a tremendous publicity stunt for Portuguese esports, lots of traditional sports coverage sites have already published the news:



We wish our player the best of luck in the event.






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