Sun 28th May 2017 - 3:33pm SCENE EXOTIC CS:GO Portugal

EXOTIC ended 2016 with a complete team change, after in November 2016 Sh1zlee left the team (the captain) because of college studies, January started with a brand new team made of promissing rising starts in the Portuguese scene.

The team soffered some changes untill the stronger 5th survived and in result of that the "season" for them ended with a qualification to the ESEA Main League and the third place in  4Gamers CS:GO Masters.

Today a new page is turned and we announce that Carlos "xaims" Marques is leaving the team, the player needed to change scenery and accepted the offer from EGN, is ties and contract with EXOTIC came to an end.

We in EXOTIC wish our former team captain the best of luck in the future and Humberto "soulz0r" Monteiro will be leading the team from now how as Team Captain.

Xaims gave us a statement to publish:

"My exit is simply due to the fact that I am in need of a change.

Basically a sudden change to feel myself playing again and I feel that the group of players in the new project provides me with this.

It remains for me to wish the greatest of sorts to my former teammates who, above all, remain my great friends out of the game!

Finally, I would like to thank EXOTIC for believing in us as a team and for all the help they gave me."

To "replace" the position left open in the team EXOTIC hired João "zavy" Mendes, a well known player in Portugal that will be ading the team what the Team Captain feels is necessary at this point in time.

We will enjoy seeing the results of this change in ESEA Main, were the team will be fighting alongside with top European teams. 

You can follow the team progress and results in:


Good luck to our team in this new division!



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