exotic in Extreme CUP - LAN Final

Sun 1st Oct 2017 - 12:47pm SCENE EXOTIC CS:GO Portugal CS:GO

exotic esports club is in group B with YNG Sharks, Alientech, and K1CK.

This is the death group of the tournament as in our opinion we will face the top 2 teams in Portugal: Alientech and YNG Sharks.

In Group A there is Galatics, EGN, BAD and IGM Black.

Around 17:00, Friday the 6th we will face Alientech and latter around 18:00 YNG Sharks, the top2 teams in Portugal, our young team will have then a LAN opportunity to show its value and grow even stronger with this experience.

The streams of the event:

Below you can check all information in the official tournament webpage, for game regulations, click here.

exotic wishes the best of luck to all teams!



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